Coronavirus Statement

June 6, 2020

Dear friends,

As we catch our breath and look at what we have been able to accomplish the last few months we want to thank our customers, first and foremost. In this, our craziest season ever, your overwhelming support has been a true blessing and we are grateful to our loyal and new customers alike. We are hoping that you will see us through with more patience and understanding, as we are facing new but anticipated challenges:

The increased interest in gardening that this pandemic has inspired has also led to unprecedented demand within our industry as a whole. As more businesses and manufacturers across the nation can open their doors again, we are feeling the pull of that demand by way of product shortages. We are doing everything we can to stay ahead of these challenges, but please understand that shortages are to be expected and unfortunately, unavoidable.

We will always do our best to accommodate our customer’s needs, but we find that the fastest and most efficient way to get what you need will be to shop in store, especially for greenhouse plants. Increased demand means our phone lines are often busy and our inventory is sometimes fleeting. Of course, we continue to offer curbside pickup for those who are in need, but the turnaround time and product availability may unfortunately be compromised with online orders. We are trying our best!

We continue to encourage and follow Covid 19 safety recommendations and requirements to the very best of our abilities. We also ask for patience and understanding from and for everyone in our stores. With the stress of increased traffic & product demand in our stores as well as hotter weather, let’s give some grace to one another in this unfamiliar territory. If you are ever concerned, please find one of our employees or call us; we will do anything we can to get you what you need from the comfort of your vehicle.

Last but certainly not least we must take the time to thank our amazing staff. We are beyond grateful for their perseverance and dedication. With extra duties and hours placed upon them, they have handled it with positivity and grace. They deserve our kindness and appreciation.

The Entire Osborne’s Agway Team

Hooksett Agway
Concord Agway
Winnisquam Agway