The BEST place for gifts for everyone for every occasion! I cannot believe how many unique low cost gifts there are not to mention how great it is for all my horse and pet needs. Best birdseed around too Friendly service keeps me a loyal patron.
Friendly staff, good selection of Carhartt products.
Very helpful staff. Love their plant area. Very good selection.
Probably the nicest and most knowledgeable people you're going to find about gardening pet supplies or specialties lots of great stuff and grains pellets
As a self-professed crazy plant lady, I have to say this is my absolute favorite place. The store is clean, the staff is amazing, and they know me by name. The greenhouse is #lifegoals and I wish I could live in there. I love the variety of plants and the options to buy them in different sizes. Sometimes I see a big plant that’s on my wishlist but it isn’t working with my budget. There’s almost always a small version I can buy that still satisfies. I also buy pots, plant hangers, plant food, rooting powder, Neem Oil, and birdseed here. One of my favorite things is the rewards program, because I’m constantly getting $10 off coupons. Keep up the good work!
Very nice employees and excellent service. You cannot go wrong by shopping here.